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Joe Maphis and Larry Collins

Fire on the Strings! This guy could play fast, fast, fast, and in the days of Black Diamond strings as big as power lines (no Super Slinkys in 1960). How did he do that?

1. What kind of guitar is Joe using?
2. Explain the little neck on his guitar. How is it tuned?
3. What style of music is he playing.
4. Write an essay about the life of Joe Maphis.
5. Who is Larry Collins?
6. What became of Larry Collins?

Doyle Dykes

1. Write a short essay about Doyle Dykes. Who are his influences? Where is he from? What style of music does he play?
2. Write a short essay about Taylor guitars.
3. Name a few of the leading pickups for acoustic guitar.
4. What amplifiers are preferred for acoustic guitar amplification?
5. What kind of problems occur when using microphones for acoustic guitar?

Three days with Doc Watson

1. Where is Doc Watson from?
2. What is the name of Doc Watson’s son?
3. Where did his son get his name?
4. What instruments did Doc Watson play?
5. What kind of music did Doc play?
6. What is shape notes and sacred harp?
7. Where are the Appalachian Mountains?
8. Where are the Blue Ridge Mountains?
9. Who is Tom Dooley?
10. Name five songs Doc Watson performed.

Jeff Beck

Jeff mixes rock with jazz. He was one of the first players to popularize the style that came to be known as Fusion. His recordings, Jeff Beck Jeff Beck (his name written twice is not a typo) and Blow by Blow are my favorite.

1. What kind of guitars does Jeff Beck prefer?
2. Watch any three videos on you tube and give me your opinion of him.
3. What band did he play with in the 60s?
4. Name three songs he recorded.

Oscar Aleman

Oscar Aleman was a jazz guitarist from Argentina. He was a contemporary and friend of Django Reinhardt. If you like Django you’ll like Oscar.

1. Some consider Oscar to be as talented as Django. Why do you think he didn’t enjoy the success that Django did?
2. Where is Oscar from?
3. Name a few songs he did from the Great American Song Book.

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