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The Amazing Slow Downer

The Amazing Slow Downer is another great app for the guitar student. Slow down any song to any speed without changing the pitch. Loop pieces of the song. Save the loops. Pan hard left or right to hear the guitar isolated from other instruments. I love this app and I use it almost every day.

If you are a musician you will love the Irealb app.

If you are a musician and you like The Real Book you will love the IREALB app. It has the songs in The Real Book. You can play them like Band In The Box. You can change rhythm styles, tempos. and keys very easily. You can write your own songs or make changes to existing ones. You can also get free songs from other IREALB users on the forums. I use IREALB at home practicing as well as with private and Skype students. And, best of all, it is not expensive. I love this app!

Student interviews

I will be featuring interviews with a few of my students soon. Stay tuned!

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