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How To Play Guitar available as a download

There are now three ways to purchase How To Play Guitar:

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A digital download directly $4.99.
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The History of Jazz Guitar part 1

Great Guitarists: Django Reinhardt

Django Reinhardt was a jazz guitarist who became one of the first important soloists in the genre.

Watch the video and do some research. Then, during your next lesson, tell me something about Django. Or, better yet, post your comments below if you like.

For example:
1. Where was he born?
2. Where did he perform?
3. What kind of guitar did he use?
4. What obstacles or handicaps did he overcome?
5. Who were his influences? Chords
6. Who did he influence?
7. What songs did he perform?
8. What is your favorite song by

Great Guitarists is a series of posts on my blog, Guitar Talk.  It is my intention to present influential guitarists in chronological order giving the student a historical  perspective of the musicians that made history. Five guitarists from each decade, beginning in 1930, and ending with our contemporaries, will be discussed. Please feel free to post comments.


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