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Intermediate Guitar Lesson 17

Augmented Triads

By Brian Turner

Augmented triads (Caug or C+) omitting the 5 and adding the #5.

The 1st, 3rd, and 5th interval of the major scale creates a major triad. By raising the 5th interval 1/2 tone (the distance of 1 fret) an augmented triad is created. Therefore, the 1st, 3rd, and #5th intervals create an augmented triad. The C augmented is designated by Caug or C+. In the exercise below the major is shownfirst to illustrate how the 5th of each major triad is raised to a #5 creating the augmented triad.

Aug triad guitar chords

A TIP! There are two things unique about the augmented triad. First, the fingering of each inversion in each set is the same. Second, the triad inverts every four frets (two whole tones) as seen below.

C Aug triads horizontally up the guitar neck.

Aug triads guitar chords

C Aug triads vertically across the guitar neck.

Aug triad guitar chords

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