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Guitar Lesson 2

Essential guitar chords for jazz

By Brian Turner

Ex. 3
The ii V is the most important chord progression in jazz music. The ii in the key of F is Gm7 and the V is C7. The fingering for these two chords are illustrated below.

guitar jazz chords

It would behoove us to know these two chords well. When you play Gm7, C7 usually follows. When playing jazz, learn to think in groups of chords. If a chord chart has four beats of C7, you can usually precede C7 with Gm7. So play two beats of Gm7 followed by two beats of C7 instead of four beats of C7.

Ex. 4
Jazz tunes often take the ii V progressions and modulate or change keys throughout the song. In the following exercise, we play the ii V in every key.

guitar jazz chords